//The Old Man of Storr

Isle of Sky, Scotland. 12x15” (1 of 1)

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//The Shot

Taken on a brisk morning in Skye during one of the clearest days i’v ever seen these rocks. I spent a few hours walking and shooting down below before it started to get busier and i made my way around the back for some quiet.

If you look closely you can see a few people sauntering around the main path.

storr landscape

//The Print

The print came out perfectly and is easily my favourite yet. The detail in the rock and smooth greens of the hills in the background couldn’t have turned out better. It’s amazing to stare at close up.

The image is exactly 12” x 15” printed on Fine Art: Museum Rough, textured paper and comes mounted and framed (frame size: 40cmx50cm)

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//The Other

This print is one of a kind, and the first in a series of one off pieces created by myself from start to finish.

PrintPromo_storr (1 of 5).jpg

Price // £95

To enquire and/or purchase, drop me a quick message here. When it’s gone its gone!

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